Washington Dairy Products Commission

The Washington Dairy Products Commission  was created by an act of the Washington state legislature in 1939.  Its mission is to promote dairy products within Washington state and to educate the public about dairy products and the dairy industry.

The Washington Dairy Products Commission conducts year-round advertising, public relations programs, promotions, issues management initiatives, industry communications and public education campaigns directed mainly toward consumers.  These activities explain the nutritional benefits of including dairy products in the diet; underline dairy foods' status as one of the most heavily tested, closely monitored and safest food products available; and communicate the dairy industry's contributions to the state's economic development.
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Rule Making 
Mission Statement
Board of Directors
District Map - Descriptions
Programs and Sponsorships 

Sole-Source Contract
Media Contract
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Working Relationships

Washington State Dairy Council
Washington State Dairy Federation
Washington State Dairy Women

 How we work together

Industry Annual Meeting

If you are not a Washington Dairy Producer, and are interested in attending this meeting - please email info@havemilk.com or call 425-672-0687. If you are a Washington Dairy Producer, please login for further infomation.

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