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Flavored Milk ToonAmerican Academy of Pediatrics -
Policy Statement of Soft Drinks in Schools

Intended to inform health professionals, parents, superintendents and
school board members about nutritional concerns regarding soft drink
consumption in schools and displacement of milk consumption
American Academy of Pediatrics -
Report on Bone Health and Calcium

Read the summary, full report or AAP news article. Download the new calcium
assessment tool.
Calcium Recommendations

Calcium Recommendations for Kids and Adults
Flavored Milk in Perspective
An overview of research and nutrient contributions of flavored milk
Milk Varieties
Outline of the nutrient components and differences between 1%, Fat-Free, Chocolate Milk,
Evaporated Milk, Evaporated Fat-Free Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk
Nutrients in Milk
Milk's unique nutrient package information - graphical presentation
Nutrients in Milk (text only)
Outlines milk’s unique nutritional package with % of Daily Values of calcium, vitamin D,
Protein, Potassium etc..
Children Who Avoid Drinking Cow’s Milk Are at Increased risk
for Prepubertal Bone Fractures

Study of fracture incidence in a group of 50 children who avoided drinking cow’s milk |
for a prolonged period of time
Child Nutrition Paradox
The benefits of dairy and the contribution of flavored milk to a Healthy School Environment
Children and Adolescents’ Choices of Foods and Beverages High in Added
Sugars Are Associatedwith Intakes of Key Nutrients and Food Groups

A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health that showed a positive effect on
children’s diets when they chose flavored milks and yogurts instead of soda and
sweetened drinks.
The nutritional consequences of flavored-milk consumption by school-aged
children and adolescents in the United States

A study out of the University of Vermont that found that children who drank flavored
milk consumed more calcium without increasing their overall total added sugar or fat intake.
Think Your Drink
This reproducible master is designed to be copied and used in school breakfast and
lunch programs, classrooms and adult parent settings.
Flavored Milk is… more than just great taste
This brochure addresses eight common concerns about flavored milk, such as nutritional
value and caffeine content as well as comparing nutrients found in soft drinks, fruit punch
and low-fat chocolate milk.
Moms Flavored Milk Survey Results
National Dairy Council survey results of more than 4,000 moms on flavored milk.
Flavored Milk...Great Taste and Nine Essential Nutrients
Blackline master