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Milk-Glass-Splash WHAT IS MILK?
Definition of milk, milk varieties, what it means and resources.

Cow's Milk Cheese Makers in Washington
Find types of cheeses made, purchasing locations and contact information for cheese makers in Washington State.

Cheese Fact Sheet: Top Three Reasons Cheese is Important in Child Nutrition Programs
Read why cheese is a nutritious food that nourishes growing children, is part of a healthy eating pattern and is a nutritious snack for kids.

Dairy Health News and Information
Your online source for health and nutrition studies and the latest news surrounding the dairy industry.

AAP_Kids-pic To help build strong bones and reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis, a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages pediatricians to regularly assess children's calcium intake and recommends physical activity and calcium from dairy foods. More...

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Washington State Dairy Industry Annual Meeting
If you are not a Washington Dairy Producer and are interested in attending this meeting, please call 425-672-0687.Washington Dairy Producers; please login to "Producer Section" for meeting information.