Facts About the Dairy Industry in Washington State
Find Facts about the Dairy Industry in Washington State

Statement on Bovine Tuberculosis

Statement on Bovine TB, Bovine TB Facts Sheet


Milk Varieties

DEFINING THE DAIRY CASE Next time you walk down the dairy aisle, know what you're looking at. Do you stare at the sea of milk varieties in the dairy case and wonder...more

Cow Quiz

Read a question then click an answer to see if you're right!
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From Grass to Glass

To be healthy and produce lots of milk, dairy cows need lots of food and water...more

Milk From Cows and Other Animals

About milk from different animals, content of milk by species...more

Milk Facts

Milk Facts
FACTS about Milk

Cattle Throughout History

Cattle Throughout History
Introduction, Lascaux Caves, Egypt, Greece and Rome, India, Europe during the dark ages

A Day in the Life of a Cow

A Day in the Life of a Cow
Very early in the morning, dairy farmers begin the first...