WA State Dairy Council

The Washington State Dairy Council (WSDC) is a non-profit, nutrition education organization serving Washington and Alaska. The WSDC provides scientifically sound nutrition information to physicians, dietitians, nurses, school food service directors, educators and others concerned about fostering a healthier society.

A professional staff of nutritionists and dietitians is available to answer questions on general nutrition, dairy products, scientific research, nutrition education resources and nutrition marketing.

Education materials provided by the WSDC include brochures, posters, booklets, curriculum aids and programs and other items designed to teach nutrition, diet and health.


Calcium Calculator

Are you getting enough calcium? See how much you are consuming by taking the "Calcium Quiz"

Education Materials

Free nutrition education materials for leaders - Teachers and health professionals in Washington State and Alaska are eligible for free nutrition materials. Visit the WA State Dairy Council website