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The Washington Dairy Products Commission was created by an act of the Washington state legislature in 1939.  Its mission is to promote dairy products within Washington state and to educate the public about dairy products and the dairy industry.


The Commission conducts year-round advertising, public relations programs, promotions, issues management initiatives, industry communications and public education campaigns directed mainly toward consumers.  These activities explain the nutritional benefits of including dairy products in the diet; underline dairy foods' status as one of the most heavily tested, closely monitored and safest food products available; and communicate the dairy industry's contributions to the state's economic development.  Among the familiar advertising campaigns the Commission has utilized over the years are "Milk - It Does a Body Good," "got milk?" and "3-A-Day of Dairy."


The Commission's staff is supervised by a 9-member Board of Directors, all of whom are appointed by the Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).  Seven of these Commissioners are dairy farmers; one is a representative of an in-state dairy processor; and one is a representative of the WSDA.


Commission activities are funded under the provisions of the National Dairy and Tobacco Adjustment Act, enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1983.  Under the Act, every licensed dairy pays a mandatory assessment of 15 cents per each 100 pounds of milk produced on the farm.  Of this assessment, ten cents is managed by the Commission - under state supervision - to fund its activities within Washington.  Therefore, although the Commission is a state-chartered agency, it is funded entirely by dairy farmers; no taxpayer monies are used.  The remaining five cents of the assessment is used to fund advertising, communications and promotional activities at the national level.  These national programs are administered by Dairy Management Inc., a partnership of the National Dairy Promotion & Research Board and the United Dairy Industry Association.


A portion of the assessment monies managed by the Commission is used to fund the nutrition education activities of the Washington State Dairy Council.  The Council works with health care providers, educators and consumers to explain the benefits of including dairy products in a healthy, balanced diet - as recommended by USDA's MyPlate(www.ChooseMyPlate.gov).


The Commission also funds some of the operations of the Washington State Dairy Federation - the dairy industry's legislative awareness and political representation organization; and the Washington State Dairy Women - a community promotional organization which coordinates the Washington State Dairy Ambassador program.

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Washington Dairy Center Staff
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